Shannon and Matthew {Haldimand Wedding Photographer}

Outdoor tented weddings, what can go wrong? Nothing really. Even with a heavy downpour before Shannon walked down her parent’s yard to the pond side ceremony, didn’t dampen the mood. Heavy downpour yet again when it was time for supper and introductions, no biggie! That’s what covered porches are for- just wait it out. Shannon and Matt’s wedding was so calm, cool and down to earth, so nothing could bother this couple. It’s a great life attitude to adopt too, you can’t control the weather, small children and hair. So you do what you can to make everything go that much easier. Smile though the rain, blazing sun and (soon enough) the cold. Chuckle and encourage the flower girl & ring bearer to make it up the aisle. ┬áHave an amazing hairdresser, who is dating your brother, just be amazing. (Chandi, is amazing though!)
So that’s how you keep your head on when you can’t control everything. Also, have one of the most fun bridal parties out there, have inside jokes, silly faces and people who always have you back. Hmm, oh yeah. Don’t forget to marry your best friend. That helps a lot!

Shannon and Matt are the essence of calm, fun and cool. This will take them far in life. Jessica and I had an amazing time photographing your wedding day, thank you for entrusting us with it.

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