Jaylene & Steve {Waterford Wedding Photographer}

Jaylene and Steve’s wedding was held at the gorgeous Springview Golf Course in Waterford, on a warm sunny day. They were brave enough to do the first look, like many of you gorgeous brides have been doing, and Jaylene wore a stunning champagne-blush-ish lace dress. You can really see the blush in the shots of it hanging up. The bridesmaids looked stunning in their grey dresses, groomsmen in their grey suits. Steve was quite the dapper guy in his navy blue suit.But enough about how beautiful/handsome they all are let’s get to the photosgraphy.

Surrounded by friends and family these two said “I do” in the old barn remnants in Springview, reception followed at the German Hall in Delhi. It was an honour for Jessica and I to photograph your wedding, to capture moments big and small. -xoxo
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  1. & you did such an amazing job capturing all of the big & small moments!! Thank you Melissa & Jessica!

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