Jaylene & Steve | Engaged

So we’ve discussed why you should go to the gym (read: find your soulmate) now I’m going to discuss how ice cream can also find you your soul mate. Jaylene and Steve met while working at the local ice cream factory. Their love story blossomed and now we’re on the count down to their wedding! It’s coming up so quickly, but lets just bask in their engagement session:¬†apple orchards, baseball, Port Dover and ice cream.


PortDoverEngagement-3548 PortDoverEngagement-3551 PortDoverEngagement-3570 PortDoverEngagement-3592 PortDoverEngagement-3614 PortDoverEngagement-3657 PortDoverEngagement-3659 PortDoverEngagement-3780 PortDoverEngagement-3784 PortDoverEngagement-3790 PortDoverEngagement-3801 PortDoverEngagement-3818 PortDoverEngagement-3832 PortDoverEngagement-3868 PortDoverEngagement-3872

2 thoughts on “Jaylene & Steve | Engaged

  1. The engagement photo’s of Jaylene & Steve are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Beautiful couple! Can’t wait to celebrate the big day with them!

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