Holly & Garrett [ Norfolk County Wedding]

There are plenty of ups and downs in life: births, losses & marriages, just to name a few. Holly & Garrett have had their hearts full of both ups and downs. It breaks my heart to know what their families have been  through. Their spirit, however, can fill anyone’s heart to the brim with joy, happiness and love. So even though the month of May is one that was full of sadness for them, they decided that they can bring happiness to that month, with their wedding. And trust me, there was lots of happiness, love, tears and tissues. Both families are brave and beautiful souls. Jessica and I are honoured to be part of this wonderful day. The ceremony venue, Whistling Gardens, was breathtaking- not as breath taking as Holly was to Garrett on their first look though! The sun was out, the peacocks were chatty and there was a nice breeze during the ceremony. Each had their own vows written, and it was emotional to say the least. I love Holly and Garrett,the new Mr & Mrs. Verbakel, so very much..I hope they know how special they are, to each other and to their friends and families. Now, please take a gander though the photos of their wedding (there are so many I had a hard time picking though them!) Oh and yes, it was the best day ever, and everything is awesome when you love someone more than cupcakes & your friends can assemble & party with you 😉
Verbakel-Wed-041 Verbakel-Wed-040 Verbakel-Wed-036 Verbakel-Wed-035 Verbakel-Wed-029 Verbakel-Wed-024 Verbakel-Wed-020 Verbakel-Wed-015Verbakel-Wed-049 Verbakel-Wed-014Verbakel-Wed-062Verbakel-Wed-065 Verbakel-Wed-070 Verbakel-Wed-066Verbakel-Wed-073Verbakel-Wed-082 Verbakel-Wed-078Verbakel-Wed-165Verbakel-Wed-155Verbakel-Wed-152 Verbakel-Wed-150Verbakel-Wed-177Verbakel-Wed-198Verbakel-Wed-205Verbakel-Wed-208Verbakel-Wed-211Verbakel-Wed-235Verbakel-Wed-242Verbakel-Wed-254 Verbakel-Wed-139 Verbakel-Wed-125 Verbakel-Wed-297Verbakel-Wed-093Verbakel-Wed-310 Verbakel-Wed-318 Verbakel-Wed-316Verbakel-Wed-325 Verbakel-Wed-321Verbakel-Wed-352 Verbakel-Wed-347 Verbakel-Wed-345 Verbakel-Wed-341 Verbakel-Wed-330Verbakel-Wed-356 Verbakel-Wed-354 Verbakel-Wed-353Verbakel-Wed-365 Verbakel-Wed-364 Verbakel-Wed-362 Verbakel-Wed-361 Verbakel-Wed-359Verbakel-Wed-371 Verbakel-Wed-367Verbakel-Wed-377Verbakel-Wed-388Verbakel-Wed-393Verbakel-Wed-396Verbakel-Wed-401Verbakel-Wed-405Verbakel-Wed-468Verbakel-Wed-415

5 thoughts on “Holly & Garrett [ Norfolk County Wedding]

  1. The pictures are fantastic! You do your job so beautifully just quietly slipping around snapping pics. Thank you so much for these wonderful mementos!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple on a beautiful day. We believe the pictures show what a special day it was to not only Garrett and Holly, but to everyone who attended.

  3. Holly & Garrett,
    The pictures were just beautiful to look at. Such an emotional yet happy day for both of you.
    I wish you a wonderful life together filled with much love, happiness and joy for many years.
    You both deserve such happiness and I know you will find this in each other.

    Much love,
    Lynda Baker

  4. Beautiful job Melissa. You always seem to capture all those special moments during an event, that everyone else may not have even noticed, and that my friend, is a sign of professionalism. Always love looking thru your weddings, such happy times you get to witness and bring to all of us thru the lens of your camera.

    Keep it up girl!!!!

  5. Such Lovely photos I’m so happy for the Wonderful day they had to start the album of their Mr &Mrs. Such great photography, thanks for sharing!

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