Carly & Sam {Simcoe Wedding Photographer}

Carly and Sam got married on a toasty summer’s day, surrounded by friends and family at the picturesque Woodside Greens, just outside of Delhi/Simcoe. The mint green palate kept things cool and the cutest little gentlemen kept things adorable. Now onto those photos!
Thank you so much for allowing Jessica and I to capture your wedding day. -xoxo
AnsteeWedd-2 AnsteeWedd-3 AnsteeWedd-1AnsteeWedd-4 AnsteeWedd-6 AnsteeWedd-5AnsteeWedd-7 AnsteeWedd-8 AnsteeWedd-9 AnsteeWedd-10AnsteeWedd-14 AnsteeWedd-12 AnsteeWedd-13 AnsteeWedd-19AnsteeWedd-11
AnsteeWedd-16 AnsteeWedd-15AnsteeWedd-18 AnsteeWedd-20 AnsteeWedd-21AnsteeWedd-16 AnsteeWedd-17 AnsteeWedd-15AnsteeWedd-25AnsteeWedd-26 AnsteeWedd-27 AnsteeWedd-30 AnsteeWedd-29 AnsteeWedd-28AnsteeWedd-49AnsteeWedd-48 AnsteeWedd-47 AnsteeWedd-46 AnsteeWedd-45
AnsteeWedd-43 AnsteeWedd-42 AnsteeWedd-41 AnsteeWedd-40 AnsteeWedd-39 AnsteeWedd-38 AnsteeWedd-37 AnsteeWedd-36 AnsteeWedd-35 AnsteeWedd-34 AnsteeWedd-33 AnsteeWedd-32 AnsteeWedd-31

AnsteeWedd-24AnsteeWedd-44 AnsteeWedd-23 AnsteeWedd-22

AnsteeWedd-51AnsteeWedd-50AnsteeWedd-52 AnsteeWedd-54

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