Carly & Sam | Port Dover Engagement Photographer

So I had originally scheduled this post for Monday. But I’m just over the moon to get it to Carly and Sam, who have be so patient with me! (Thanks!)

First off, I’m having major hair envy with Carly, swoon darling, just ah! Secondly, tattoo envy with the both of them! Thirdly, I hope you get photo envy with these 😉

Thanks for going into the water barefoot and sitting in the tall grass Carly and Sam, you braved the dirt, slime and possible ticks (ick!) and I must say, I really love these photos, and yes there are lots more for you to chose from!

CarlySamBlog-11 CarlySamBlog-10 CarlySamBlog-9 CarlySamBlog-8 CarlySamBlog-7 CarlySamBlog-6 CarlySamBlog-5 CarlySamBlog-4 CarlySamBlog-3 CarlySamBlog-2 CarlySamBlog-1

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